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Government Spending and Taxation

I Know How to Balance Our Budget and Our Priorities

I believe that there are legitimate roles for government to play to ensure fair treatment and opportunity for all citizens, and as government plays those roles, it should do so fairly, effectively and efficiently.  These economic times test our ability to be great fiscal stewards while still providing the framework and resources that allow our people to prosper, but it is essential that we, as stewards, spend responsibly in our endeavors.

Inevitably, spending responsibly often means spending less.  As Speaker of the North Carolina House, I balanced the state's budget during the largest deficit since 1931.  During this past session, as a State Senator, I voted on state budget cuts totaling nearly $3 billion.

Spending responsibly also means making state government more accountable by focusing on better service and better fiscal management of our tax dollars.  As Speaker of the House, I led the review of efficiency and effectiveness throughout all of State government.

It would be irresponsible for us to eliminate programs or services that are unpopular but effective.  We must make smart budget decisions that protect education funding and will help us build a stronger economy right here in Wake County and across North Carolina.

I have made the tough decisions to balance the budget and protect our schools before; that fiscal discipline helped lead one of the state's largest economic expansions in our 250 year history.  We can do it again.

Key Committees
  • Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee
  • Joint Legislative Commission on Revenue Laws Study Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Ways & Means Committee
Key Activities
  • Eliminated in-state tuition for out-of-state athletes
  • Cut 4% in spending
  • Cracked down on Medicaid waste, fraud and abuse
  • Voted to sell state aircraft
  • Voted to cut legislative pay at same rate as state government employee furlough/cut
  • $3 billion cut from state budget (largest budget reduction in state history over the last two years and smallest budget in last four years)
  • Per capita spending is lowest in 14 years
  • Fiscally responsible reputation nationwide
  • Tied with six (6) other states for best state finances
  • AAA rating from all three (3) bond rating agencies