Issues - Ethics - Dan Blue for NC Senate


We are stewards of the public trust.

Our system of government is ineffective if the public cannot trust in its institutions, the people that lead them, or the laws that they produce. Strong ethics laws are essential in ensuring that the public understands the relationships between those who would govern and those seek to influence them.

I support, and will continue to support, greater oversight over our public leaders and institutions and greater transparency into their endeavors.  This includes reforming our campaign finance laws, especially in light of the US Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United, and providing more ethics oversight to local boards such as the ABC boards.

The additional transparency provides the public with more insight into the decisions of its elected officials and that insight helps the public exercise its power.

Key Activities
  • Passed the Comprehensive Government Ethics and Campaign Reform Act of 2010
  • Reformed and provided more ethics oversight to local Alcoholic Beverage Control boards